Unfiltered classic American IPA

American Amber Ale

Main Street Kolsch

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This classic wheat beer combines 2 row malt and wheat for a balanced blast of citrus. We added a twist and fermented this beer with a kolsch yeast strain. Brewed with Centennial and Magnum hops.

Main Street Kolsch is a lightly hopped Kolsch style ale which receives its flavor profile from the German malts and yeast. Traditionally served as bright and clear, our beer pours as “partly cloudy” with a touch of flavor.

Nosdunk Stout offers a tasty flavor profile that combines roasted, slightly burnt malt notes, coffee, and even a touch of chocolate. A dark colored beer nice creamy head of foam. Brewed with Fuggle hops.

Nosdunk Stout

Batch 99 IPA

A well balanced American Amber Ale. Just the right amount of hops and malt flavor.

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Nosdunk Brewing Company, LLC

Walla Wheat